This website contains information on veterinary products based on international registration dossiers and may refer to products that are either not available in your country or are marketed under different trade names.

In addition, the approved indications as well as the safety and efficacy data for a specific product may be different depending on local registrations and approvals.

For more information, read the product labeling that applies to your country or contact your local Animal Health representative.
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The following ILT products are available in Kazakhstan (reset):


INNOVAX®-ILT vaccines

INNNOVAX is also marketed as INNOFUSION and FUSION in some markets. Check with your Merck/MSD Animal Health representative regarding the products available for your area.


INNOVAX-ILT is a frozen, live, cell-associated vaccine that provides lifelong prevention against infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) and Marek’s disease (MD). It is approved for in ovo administration for 18-day embryos and by subcutaneous vaccination for healthy 1-day-old chickens. The duration of immunity against ILT is at least 60 weeks, according to a study conducted after subcutaneous injection.

The foundation of the vaccine is the herpesvirus of turkey (HVT), which is known to be safe for chickens and is an aid in the prevention against MD. Antigens from ILT virus have been inserted to also help prevent ILT.

INNOVAX-ILT-SB is the same as INNOVAX-ILT but has the addition of the SB1 serotype, which provides lifelong prevention against very virulent MD.


  • Provide protection against both ILT and MD
  • Offer flexibility for vaccination schedules and administration methods (in ovo and subcutaneous injection)
  • Eliminate respiratory vaccine reactions caused by vaccination with conventional live-virus ILT vaccines
  • Stop reactions from other respiratory vaccines
  • Eliminate latency, persistence and spread caused by chickens immunized with traditional ILT vaccines
  • Prevent vaccine-induced ILT outbreaks

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