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Reducing stress in ND programs aids broiler performance
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Latin American Poultry Congress, Nov. 12-15, El Salvador

See video highlights of the ND seminar held at the International Poultry Expo!




This informative video describes the mechanism of action of Innovax.

Convenience Program

Merck Animal Health has developed a hatchery-based Convenience Program designed to help poultry producers protect chickens against respiratory diseases while achieving optimal bird performance and marketing goals.

Newcastle disease seminar at 2011 International Poultry Expo

A seminar offering new ideas for managing Newcastle disease in broilers was held at the 2011 International Poultry Expo. The event was attended by more than 300 poultry veterinarians and production managers from North and Latin America. Click on the links below to view highlights of each presentation.

Steve McCarter, DVM, Tyson Foods USA

Germán Galvis, President, Grupo San Marino, Colombia

Aris Malo, DVM, Merck Animal Health

Questions & Answers: Germán Galvis and Aris Malo