Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)

IBD is a widespread immunosuppressive viral disease linked to mortality, wider disease susceptibility, reduced flock uniformity and increased processing rejects. Highly contagious and with no treatment, a vaccination program to protect against outbreaks is the only method of control.

Disease IBD 1

Understanding the threat from IBD

Found in domestic poultry worldwide, the detrimental impact of IBD on flock health and performance is well documented. It is linked to increased mortality, susceptibility to other poultry diseases, reduced pullet uniformity and higher rates of plant rejects.

Disease IBD 2

Protecting against IBD

Hatchery and in ovo administered vaccines are proven to be more effective and less labor-intensive than field applications. They provide uniform, long-term protection for flocks at the earliest possible stage, eradicating outbreaks and improving poultry health and performance. Choosing a DNA construct vaccine with the herpes virus turkey (HVT) as its foundation removes the need for live vaccine and reduces stress on birds during the vital early growing period.



Innovax-ND-IBD is the first ever dual-construct HVT vaccine to protect against Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), Newcastle Disease (ND) and Marek’s Disease (MD) in a single, non-reactive vaccine. Using the safer, more effective HVT-vaccine foundation, this breakthrough innovation protects against three diseases in one dose.

Better disease protection with Innovax-ND-IBD

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