Marek’s Disease (MD)

MD is a highly contagious virus found in poultry facilities across the world. Impossible to eliminate from the production environment, this infectious disease causes tumors, high mortality and increased bird condemnations at processing plants.

Disease MD 1

Understanding the threat from MD

Marek’s Disease virus is found in poultry dust and dander in most poultry facilities. Impossible to eliminate, even with careful cleanout and disinfection procedures, this airborne virus attacks the nerves, producing paralysis, tumors or enlarged feather follicles in affected birds. It results in broiler rejects at processing and can cause mortality and egg production losses. Infected birds carry the highly contagious virus in their blood for life and are a source of infection to susceptible birds.

Disease MD 2

Protecting against MD

There is no treatment for Marek’s Disease (MD), prevention is the only effective strategy. Traditional vaccines using live viruses require more than one administration to ensure long-term protection. Hatchery vaccination, either in ovo1 or in day-old chicks, has proven to be an extremely effective prevention strategy against MD, and consists of a single dose with no follow up. This approach also uses the herpesvirus of turkey (HVT) which is safe to chickens.
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Innovax-ND-IBD is the first ever dual-construct HVT vaccine to protect against Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), Newcastle Disease (ND) and Marek’s Disease (MD) in a single, non-reactive vaccine. Using the safer, more effective HVT-vaccine foundation, this breakthrough innovation protects against three diseases in one dose.

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