Newcastle Disease (ND)

Newcastle Disease is an ever-present viral threat to the poultry industry that can restrict international trade. Presenting as mild to severe respiratory problems, it impacts growth rate and feed utilization, causing mortality and increased reject rates.

Disease ND 1

Understanding the threat from ND

Newcastle Disease (ND) is a major source of mortality, performance and reject loss to the global poultry industry. Transmitted by direct contact with the droppings or respiratory discharges of infected birds, the virus can live for a long time and be spread by contaminated objects such as shoes, clothing and equipment. Signs of the disease vary from loss of appetite, coughing and diarrhea to a severe drop in egg production, paralysis and sudden death.

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Protecting against ND

For commercial layer and breeder flocks, Newcastle Disease is a threat to egg production and egg quality that requires repeated vaccination to maintain protection for the life of the flock. The poultry industry has recognized the almost-universal need to vaccinate against this threat to minimize the likelihood of a performance-eroding outbreak of the disease. Newcastle Disease remains an ever-present threat, and uniform and accurate vaccination with traditional live vaccines remains a challenge.



Innovax-ND-IBD is the first ever dual-construct HVT vaccine to protect against Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), Newcastle Disease (ND) and Marek’s Disease (MD) in a single, non-reactive vaccine. Using the safer, more effective HVT-vaccine foundation, this breakthrough innovation protects against three diseases in one dose.

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