Combining disease protection and process control to improve yields and increase profitability for the poultry industry.

Personalized disease risk analysis and impact report

Expert support for continuous protection optimization

Individual vaccination program development

Positive effect on yields and profitability


Benefit from a more effective vaccination plan using Innovax’s unique Convenience Program which combines disease protection and process control to improve overall poultry profitability. Beginning with a disease risk analysis to review current procedures and unlock areas of improvement, a customized vaccination protocol is then developed for your specific production environment.

Process improvements, such as hatchery application to eliminate field vaccinations and improve uniformity, are identified and applied, while ongoing support is provided through training, post-vaccination monitoring and evaluation of wider profitability parameters including flock uniformity, feed utilization and processing plant efficiency.

The benefits for your business are apparent. Improved process control and in-hatchery vaccination remove field vaccination variability and reduce labor and input costs. Enhanced flock health and performance uniformity improves efficiency, contributing to better profitability.

The Innovax Convenience Program includes:

This risk assessment features a 360° view of past, present and future disease threats, confirmed by laboratory and field analysis to ensure sustainable disease control with added benefits to animal welfare and flock performance uniformity year-round.

This prescriptive plan addresses flock husbandry, required vaccines and vaccination equipment to help achieve better process control in management and vaccination administration.

Comprehensive training for relevant team personnel and access to a global network of sophisticated technology and laboratory services to monitor your plan, from hatchery to the processing plant.

The positive effects of the program are healthier birds, better knowledge and processes for the team and increased overall financial performance through improved flock productivity.


Innovax delivers superior, long-term disease protection against infectious poultry
diseases. Through rigorous research and development, it develops new ways to
optimize flock protection and increase production efficiency. The Innovax range of
vaccines includes the new Innovax-ND-IBD, a unique 3-in-1 vaccine that provides
long-term protection against Newcastle Disease (ND), Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)
and Marek’s Disease (MD) in a single dose.